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The Municipality of Maastricht wishes to support and facilitate starters and other entrepreneurs.  Increasing numbers of non-Dutch people wish to set up a business in Maastricht. The municipality is very pleased with this trend because it means that Maastricht is developing more and more into an international city. The Business Contact Centre has been set up to support all entrepreneurs.

The Business Contact Centre deals with any questions you may have about the municipal regulations. We try to answer the questions you have or we bring you into contact with the right people within the municipal organisation. 

Examples include: how can I find a suitable location for my business? If I want to place an advertisement on a building, do I require a permit? I have found rented premises for my business; can I set up there? May I start a business in my home? 

The Business Contact Centre visits the Holland Expat Center South (HECS) twice a month to inform international entrepreneurs, in particular, about how things are arranged in our municipality. Do not hesitate to make an appointment by sending an e-mail to  HYPERLINK ""

An appointment can also be made at other times if that suits you better. The Business Contact Centre is located in the municipal offices at Mosae Forum and will be pleased to help you every weekday.

Hoogbrugstraat 40
6221 CS Maastricht
Telefoon 043-3251949