Archief Video Power Premières

The Maastricht production platform Video Power presents five short films, fresh from the editing room.

Video Power Premières shows the newest films of the production platform situated in Maastricht, from documentary to video art to experimental blockbuster.

Since 2013, Video Power has supported filmmakers and artists who work from a personal, non-commercial drive. Video Power Premières gives you a sample of their recent local productions: five short, very different films by five unconventional filmmakers and a chance to chat with some of them.

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The fulll program:

‘Outside’ by Beny Wagner
‘Outside’ is a scatological tour through the production and processing of waste, from our gut to the gutter. What we call waste, a term that has a moral ring to it, is actually an indispensable part of life. Maybe it’s time to reconcile with the fact that shit happens.

‘The Bridge’ by Lienke Roos
In ‘The Bridge’ we look back at how ethnic tensions escalated in Zaltbommel, a small city in The Netherlands, about a decade ago. By asking different parties to react to each other’s perspectives, the film asks a fundamental question: how to bridge differences within a community without making anyone feel like an outsider?

‘2018_05_19’ by Johannes Langkamp
In this stop-motion loop Johannes Langkamp (who previously made Video Power’s hit ‘Falling Frames’) makes a spatial drawing by playing with the perspective of the camera and a roll of adhesive tape.

‘Within the Temple Without’ by Matthew C. Wilson
Has money taken over the ancient gods? ‘Within the Temple Without’ is a dreamlike journey into the economic unconscious, where banks take the place of Greek temples, cashiers become priests and bankers become oracles. The film shows how, from the origin of banking to modern interconnected finances, the economic system is the heir of archaic rituals.

Mystery project
A preview of a not-yet released superhero blockbuster by Rik Chaubet.

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