Archief GEANNULEERD - Liszt Concours - Prijswinnaarsconcert

Na audities over de hele wereld vindt in maart 2020 de 12e editie van het Liszt Concours plaats

Getalenteerde pianisten laten voor jury en publiek zien waarom zij tot de absolute top behoren. Direct na de finale beginnen de drie prijswinnaars aan een internationale tournee die hen naar concertzalen over de hele wereld voert. Zij brengen een virtuoos programma met de mooiste pianomuziek, waarin uiteraard Franz Liszt een hoofdrol heeft. 


The Liszt Competition actively presents, develops and promotes piano talents from around the world. In doing so, it has become one of the prominent gateways to the international professional classical music scene for young musicians.

Right after the competition the three prize winners will begin their international concert tour. 

About the Liszt competition
The Competition consists of three phases: The first phase is the International Selection Round eight months prior to the competition, with public sessions around the globe; in 2019 this will include New York, Moscow, Tbilisi, Shanghai, Hong Kong and of course Utrecht. All participants admitted to this phase will perform a 30-minute recital in front of the same jury. The second phase is ‘the festival’ for which 14 pianists will be invited. Each of them will perform three recitals, one recital devoted to original compositions, one to transcriptions and one to chamber music. The third phase is ‘The Finals’ where the three winners of the competition are presented to the world in a solo recital and in a final concert with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.


Fotografie: Allard Willemse