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A new package deal for students to visit four interesting and beautiful dance performances. A special opportunity to experience the best of modern dance together with fellow students for a very low price.

Antonin Comestaz / Korzo & NDT | For All We Know (Fri 14 Feb, 20:30, AINSI)
A tribute to creativity. Since 2013, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) have joined forces to give upcoming choreographers a stage. This year they support Antonin Comestaz, one of the winners of the BNG Bankdansprijs 2018. Where does the colour white go when the snow melts? This is one of the childishly poetic questions Antonin Comestaz definitely does not want to answer in For all we know. The playfully absurd tone and incredible movement ingenuity give the work of this French choreographer, who by chance settled in the Netherlands, a charm all its own. Behind the captivating lightness lies the seriousness and authentic passion of a versatile creative artist who we’re sure to hear more of.

Kalpana Raghuraman | Hitting True North (Thu 12 Mar, 20:30, AINSI)
Kalpanarts is the only dance company that creates work inspired by various sources from the rich Indian culture. Choreographer and cultural anthropologist Kalpana Raghuraman brings Indian, contemporary and urban dance together and creates a unique dance language. Complex rhythms, footwork, powerful facial expression and live music are elements that form her signature style.

The world is constantly changing. It is becoming more and more dynamic, speedy and complex. In Hitting True North, four dancers, a violinist (Oleg Fateev) and an accordionist (Oene van Geel) look for their own inner compass to make it easier to deal with changing situations, cultures, and contexts.

Arno Schuitemaker | The Way We Sound Tonight (Fri 17 Apr, 22:20, Vrijthof Theatre)
Pulsating dance and electronic music in one hypnotizing synergy. With The Way You Sound Tonight, Arno Schuitemaker creates an ‘acoustic ballroom’. Five performers and their pulsating movements take the audience – sitting on two sides of the stage – into a reality that is radically carried through. There seems to be no beginning and no end. The performers keep going non-stop, bringing one-hour cycles, boundless in energy, streaming and steaming. An intensifying experience that transcends and then lastingly resounds. The Way You Sound Tonight is performed by different performers in two cycles of one hour, which can be accessed separately.

NDT 1 | Schmetterling (Sat 23 May, 20:00, Vrijthof Theatre)
Nederlands Dans Theater is celebrating its 60th birthday this season. For the company the ultimate moment to reflect on the humble beginning, rich past and impressive present and future. That is why NDT also presents a series of (new) contemporary choreographers in addition to the work of the major choreographers who determine the creative signature of the company.

Rounding of our anniversary season and Paul Lightfoot’s tenure as Artistic Director, NDT presents  Schmetterling. Just like a butterfly, this evening symbolizes the everlasting process of transformation; one of the most essential qualities of the house of NDT. Where previous programmes this season took us to the past and its undeniable influences on the present, Schmetterling aims to look forward and beyond.

The programme shows NDT’s Sol León & Paul Lightfoot’s work Schmetterling (2010). The pieces refers to the transience of existence and the way life and death constantly cross each other’s path and is set to the music of indie rock band Magnetic Fields and composer Max Richter. The program will be completed with a world premiere by the duo and new work from Damien Jalet, a new creative face to the company. The critically acclaimed works by Belgo-French Jalet are often visual stunning, kinetic and thought provoking. This will be his choreographic debut with NDT.

With the support of and in cooperation with the Vrijthof.

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