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Ricky and his family live in Newcastleupon-Tyne. After losing his job as a construction worker, Ricky picks up a living as a delivery driver, for which he receives fees rather than wages. His contract means he has to rent a van from the firm and meet strict delivery targets. From that point onwards, his debts increase, putting the whole family under stress. Sorry We Missed You is the most recent film by British cinematographer Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake). Loach’s film is based on the theme of zero-hour contracts and portrays the struggle of families trying  to survive from this type of employment.

The film will be introduced by a scientist or an expert.  

In cooperation with Lumière Cinema.


Location: Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88, Maastricht | Date: Monday 28 October, 19:30 uur | Tickets: Students € 5 / Others € 9,50 | Presale:

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