Archief Life and Work of a LGBTI Activist and Human Rights Defender in Kenya

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Kenya is currently at a crossroad. On the one hand LGBTI organisations have become more visible and are increasingly recognised by state institutions. At the same time, there is a rising tension within the government and public domain on issues around LGBTI. According to a report released by GALCK (Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya), the LGBTI community continues to face direct acts of violence, social stigmatisation and isolation. 

Vincent is a human rights defender from Kenya who is working on LGBTI rights. Vincent is currently working as Program Officer Policy and Advocacy for an LGBTI-led organisation that works to advance social inclusion and protect human rights for the gender and sexual minorities. The organisation is focusing on the topics of access to health services, social and economic empowerment, demanding inclusivity and institutional capacity and advocacy.

As Policy and Advocacy Program Officer Vincent is identifying, prioritising and analysing the issues that affect the day-to-day life of LGBTI persons. He also traffics the implementation of policies at various levels (community, county and national). In the course of his work, Vincent has engaged in media interviews, research, community mobilizations, sensitisation of community members and has intervened with the police in cases of arrests.

During this lecture, Vincent will talk about his life as an LGBTI activist and his work as a Policy and Advocacy Program Officer in Kenya.

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