Archief Climate Action: Does Individual Action Make a Difference?

Studium Generale | Debate Café, Engelstalig

Climate change is everywhere and its causes are so deeply rooted in our modern way of living that we are all part of the problem. Can we also be part of the solution?

So much questions and information get thrown at us that we sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees anymore. What can you yourself actually do to make this place a more sustainable world? Does individual engagement make any difference? Which choices are the most effective to tackle climate change? Is it better to involve yourself on a local level and what can (local) governments do to be more open and appreciative to citizen’s initiatives?

Although we will not shy away from discussing feelings of climate depression and flight shame, we want to make this Debate Café an event where the positive vibes prevail. So, come tonight, share your ideas and join this participative evening and maybe through individual climate action we can all plant a seed that eventually will grow into a beautiful forest.

Please check the website later for more information about the panellists.

This debate cafe is organised by ASAP, So FASoS and Studium Generale.

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