NL+NL is a small language institute located in the city centre of Maastricht.

We believe personal attention and hands-on experience are the key to successfully learning a language.

Therefore we like to work in small groups of max. four participants, which allows you to practice with your fellow students and still get the personal attention you need from your teacher. We also offer individual classes based on the students’ needs and objectives. These classes are ideal for the more advanced speakers. Whichever course you choose, our teachers will help you to learn Dutch in an efficient, fun and enjoyable way. 

Dutch courses

Learning a language is all about practice, efficient learning methods and plenty of effort. But we also want it to be an enjoyable experience and want you to get excited about learning Dutch. We try to make our courses as practical, efficient and fun as possibly by working with individuals or small groups en giving you as much personal attention as we can. You will be able to work on your vocabulary, communication, reading skills and more in an informal environment.

The courses focus on speaking, but we will also do reading, listening and writing exercises. Whether you decide to take lessons individually or in a group, we always make sure the course is adapted to your level so you can learn Dutch at your own pace.


If you want to learn at your own pace in a flexible environment, our individual lessons will provide you with a program that is completely fitted to your learning needs and your style of learning. We can customize a training course that will target your specific objectives, focusing on the area of communication that you want to improve. 


We also offer Dutch courses in small groups with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants. These courses are ideal for beginners, as they allow you to practice your speaking skills with your fellow participants.


Before you start a course, we will always offer you a free and non-committal intake. During this intake, we determine your current level and discuss your needs, preferences and objectives in order to choose or put together the perfect course for you.


Whether you decide to take individual or group lessons, the course is always tuned to your current level and the level you want to achieve. If you decide to take group classes, you are paired with other participants with the same level, which allows you to advance together at the same pace and learn from each other.


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