Archief Pop-up Museum: I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign)

What are you angry about? Do you have a solution? Would you risk your life for your ideals?

In the light of the Maastricht Europe Days (MED '18) Maastricht invites this traveling exhibition to actively involve guests and residents of the city in answering the question: what are Europeans so angry about and are they willing to fight for their ideals?

Create your own protest board in the interactive photo booth of this I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign) pop-up museum and add your slogan for the future to the museum collection. More than 1000 Europeans have already contributed.
Read the personal stories from people who played an important role in the formation of Europe and even put their level on the line for their ideals.

Free event
Languages: English and Dutch

The programme of Maastricht, Working on Europe was developed in collaboration with De Balie, which produces programmes about art, culture and politics. The Pop-Up Museum is an initiative of The Iron Curtain Project: