Archief Mahler am Tisch

Samen met leden van de Philharmonie Zuidnederland gaat de klezmerband Mejoeches de uitdaging aan om op innovatieve wijze de muziek van Mahler in het café ten gehore te brengen.

De oorsprong van Mahler's muziek is vaak terug te vinden in volksmuziek .... Boheems ... klezmer ...? Komt het horen! "Mahler am Tisch", aan de tafel van Café FORUM en nog 2 x
in dezelfde week samen met Mejoeches, namelijk in Café TRIBUNAL op donderdag 21 november om 17:00 uur en nog eens in Café TRIBUNAL op zaterdag 23 november om 18:00 uur, Tongersestraat 1, Maastricht! WELKOM! Zie hier achtergrondinformatie over de organisator:


This experiment approaches Mahler’s music through the lens of his folk, national and melodic roots. Three ensemble-bands are created from musicians with various backgrounds to explore three different aspects of Mahler: a klezmer band, a brass band, and a string quartet.

Each group will work around a combination of arranged and unarranged scores of folk songs from the symphonies of Mahler. The groups then collaborate in the process of arranging the unarranged excerpts and learning the other arrangements from the score. In the end, the musicians will create a set list that is entirely their own.

The ensembles then go to two local cafés in Maastricht, Café Tribunal and Café Forum, where they get to know the locals and their audience by performing “am Tisch” - around a table. This approach to Mahler retains and yet explores the characteristics of his music through highlighting the folk-origins of his work. Mahler was inspired by folk music and by the village songs and dances that surrounded him. This project aims to highlight this aspect of his music, both musically and spatially. By doing so, we aim to shed new light to the work of Mahler and to the relevance this music can bring in a new context to new audiences.

Dates: 19-20 November 2019 at 17:00, Café Forum, Maastricht, and 21, 23 November 2019 at 18:00 Café Tribunal, Maastricht.