Archief Invertor // VPX, Aarre Safari, Komo B

Invertor is a new concept from TripleM. What to expect? House, disco, afro-disco, electro, EBM, acid and everything in between

We start our first edition with local heroes. Buy your ticket in the pre-sale as it's cheaper. The party is located at a new location not far from the city-center Maastricht. Come over, enjoy the night, be there in the moment.

- VPX (Mandril)
- Aarre Safari (SAUNA CLUB)
- Komo B (Cafe Zondag)

Pre-sale start with 4€
18+ party / no kids
No ID No Entrance.

De Nuie Geusselt Zaol
Olympiaweg 68 A02
6225 XX Maastricht

Respect yourself, other people and the location.