Thunderday with Simon Weiss and Anan Striker

For this edition of Thunderday the team of Fledermaus Fantasies is proud to announce that Amsterdam will be coming over for some zuurvleisch on the dancefloor of ‘t Keldertje

What we have for you:

Simon Weiss (Rush Hour/Voyage Direct) for a brand new live set of bangers with that 80’s touch

Cassettejockey Anan Striker (MONO BROS) to tapescratch you on a trip to his gabber fantasy

and to complete the line-up :

Belfeld the local SP-404 magician

Wings on the fly

Bruni Getsing a.k.a. Blöd Heinie

As you might know, we like it fast. Expect rave/hiphop/blarf/gabber/house/grime/wacky/baile/jazz/dnb/ all uplifting like sitting down on a wet couch.

3-5 Euro donations at the door

Respect und Love



za 14 mrt 2020 22:00 Donatie € 3 - € 5