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Love Foundation hosts the unofficial after party of the Global Climate March Maastricht

As you may or may not know, the global climate strike week is nearly upon us (September 20th-27th), in which millions of people all around the world will walk out of their workplaces, schools & universities to demand climate justice and an end to fossil fuels. With the Amazon burning for weeks and July 2019 having been the hottest month ever recorded in human history, a global strike like this one is of urgent necessity! It is time we WAKE UP and realize that human-made climate change is a reality and that action needs to be taken RIGHT NOW!

This is why we will take over the streets of Maastricht on September 20th at Global Climate March / Klimaat Mars MaastrichtWe as Love Foundation Maastricht urge all of you to join us on the streets on this very day.

Only in Maastricht, this strike is already the third one in less than 6 months! It is truly remarkable to see how in very little time organizations and movements such as Students for Climate Maastricht, Extinction Rebellion Maastricht, Fossil Free Maastricht University, and Precious Plastic Maastricht have been created and are now acting collectively as part of KAN Maastricht - Klimaat Actie Netwerk.

We want to contribute to these efforts and raise awareness about the climate crisis by shedding light on the effects of climate change on water scarcity in countries of the global south! Two of our five pillars of Love being “shared sustainability” and “water for all”, this is a topic very dear to us.

Therefore, we want to invite you all to join us on the day after the climate march to come on down to the LBB and have an after-strike-celebration!
After a good rest, some hot cups of tea to heal the throat from all the chanting, we will gather in a “Climate of Love”.

- Get to know Love Foundation: Info Session & Hangout -
Are you new to Maastricht and want to get involved? Or have you been living in the city and been to some of our events and want to contribute yourself? Or just want to know more about what Love Foundation is about? Although you can always come up to us with questions or join our meetings, this could be a nice opportunity for you to do so. 

- Documentary Screening: 'Tranforming Lives through the Power of Clean Water' -
By 2025, around 1.8 billion people will live in areas struggling with water scarcity, while 780 million already live without access to clean drinking water.

- Informative Talk: Simavi & 'WASH and Learn project' -
WATER FOR ALL. This is Love Foundation's main cause and we try to work towards that goal by supporting water development projects. These projects are concerned with water, sanitation, and hygiene in places where people do not have access to clean water as well as the knowledge about the implications unclean water has for human health and development. As part of raising awareness about climate change's impacts on water scarcity and issues related to water, we will be hosting a lecture about our development partner Simavi's project 'WASH & Learn' in the Busia County, Kenya. So if you are interested in learning more about the cause & implementation of the project you are donating your money to, join us for this 30 minute talk.

After the more informative and educational part of this day's program, some dancing & celebration follows. We have invited local artists as well as artists from afar to take us into this Climate of Love.

LAZER LUCY(Lotenheim · Follow the white rabbit / Love Foundation Berlin) -
Niju(Laut & Luise / WIDE AWAKE / Lush Life) -
Marcel Puntheller(Love Foundation Global / Hoppla Festival) -
Laxberger(Ketoga / Moyn Moyn Festival) -
Sass Rogando Sasot: -

Doorsale & Cash only.

As always Love Foundation Maastricht is doing this event not just for providing space & time to enjoy life, but also to support the lives of others through our Water Projects in collaboration with Simavi. 80% of the profit of this event goes to our Water Development Project with Viva con Agua Nederland & Simavi in Kenya and the remaining 20% are reinvested into future Love Foundation Maastricht Events. We don’t pay any individual and keep the costs low to raise more funds.
For more information about Love Foundation as an organization, the values we stand for, and the projects we support, check out

Also, have a look at a short overview of our current project in Kenya or inform yourself about the effects of our last one in India:

We aim to create a safe space for all visitors and communities of our events, especially for those who experience harassment or discrimination more often. Therefore, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding any type of discrimination or harassment in any social spaces of our events.

*no isms: no sexism, no racism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia etc. etc. etc.
Hatred of any kind is not tolerated, and if we see this, you will immediately be asked to leave.
*respect your fellow ravers!
*bring cash for food and drinks

Be loving, be kind and be aware!

In order to create a safe space for everyone it is important that we are open and honest. It is important to us that if you ever feel harassed by anyone or uncomfortable in any way, please come up to one of us (we will be wearing Love Foundation Shirts or Stickers) and we will resolve the issue together.
Moreover, if you are not feeling well, which can happen to anyone and is nothing to be ashamed of, also never hesitate to come up to us - we will be there, find you a quiet place, some water, and whatever else you need in that moment.

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