Joshua Wildenberg

(Live)Caustic Comedy Events Initiator ; Producer, Booker, Promoter, Location Scout, Talent Manager & Mediator

Caustic Comedic Collaborators have included Dave Thompson(UK), JoJo Georgiou(US),
Bob Slayer(UK), Ria Lina(UK), Troy Alan(US), Matt Price(UK), Jamie Bowen(NZ), Daniel Ryan Spaulding(CAN), Rahul Kohli(UK) ..and also from Vancouver/Canada: Simon King!

Caustic Comedy Events is an independent organization specialized in producing international stand-up comedy shows.
The name itself 'Caustic Comedy' is based on a particular form of humour: comedy that is acerbic, cutting-edged, even cruel or insulting but always amusing, indeed, corrosive and burning as the word 'Caustic' itself suggests. Google one of the great names in comedy and the word 'Caustic' is likely to be mentioned somewhere in their description.

Need more information? Please feel free to contact us.
Open every day 09:00AM til 9:00PM (GMT+1)

Call: +31 6 485 33557 (Also on Viber)
Skype: CausticComedy

Yours sincerely,
Caustic Comedy Events, Initiator
Joshua Wildenberg (39)

Prins Bernhardstraat 23
3911CM Rhenen
Telefoon +31648533557
Land(Bouw)Belang, Biesenwal 3
6211 AD Maastricht


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