Archief Dutch Global Health Film Festival

Voor de tweede keer biedt Lumière Cinema het podium aan het Dutch Global Health Film Festival. Het festival toont films die inspireren om te reflecteren en te reageren op actuele vraagstukken in de wereldgezondheid, zoals de effecten van klimaatverandering op gezondheid, obesitas en gezond ouder worden

Het DGHFF - voor de tweede keer georganiseerd in Maastricht – heeft als doel mensen samen te brengen rondom actuele topics in de wereldgezondheid. Kwesties die ons als individu rechtstreeks raken, maar die ook de moderne, geglobaliseerde wereld waarin we ons bevinden vertegenwoordigen.

Opening en welkom
11:00: 2040 + discussie
13:00: Lunch (Foyer)
14:00: El Susto (The Shock) + discussie
16:00: Koffie & thee (Foyer)
16:30: Meet the Millennials, Episode: The New Human + discussie
17:30: Afsluiting
18:00: Netwerkborrel (Foyer)

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Explore issues in global health through film and dialogue in the Dutch Global Health Film Festival 2020.

The GHFF – for the second time organised in Maastricht – intends to bring people together around current topics in global health. Issues that affects us as individuals directly, but also represent the modern, globalised world we live in. The film ‘2040’ talks about climate change, and its direct effects on health, but moreover it is a film that brings hope. How does the world of the 4 year old daughter of the director looks like in 2040, if only we can inspire people to make a change. ‘El Susto’, the second film, is set in Mexico, but could have been filmed anywhere as it is an illustration of how we, in a globalised world are affected by the food industry with devastating effects on our health. The third film ‘Meet the Millennials’ tackles the subject of ageing and technology in East Asia, how robots replace human contact; but moreover it encourages us to think about what the concept of healthy ageing really entails. Is it in the genes or can we live forever with a little help from technology? Each film is followed by a discussion with (inter)national experts.

10.30: Tea and coffee (in restaurant)
10.50: Opening and welcome
11.00: first film: 2040 (92 min) followed by discussion
13.00: Lunch short (in Foyer)
14.00: second film: El Susto (The Shock) 75 min followed by discussion
16.00: third film: Meet the Millennials, Episode: The new Human (26 min) followed by discussion
17.45: Closing
18.00 – 19.00: Networking and drinks (in Foyer)

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Bassin 88
6211 AK Maastricht
Telefoon 043 - 321 40 80