Archief Knuffel Workshop

Een rustig moment om te voelen en te verbinden, rekening houdend met je eigen wensen en grenzen.

In this cuddle workshop we will do several cuddly activities to nurture ourselves, grow some peacefulness and relax.
We will start by sharing a cup of tea then do some playful consent exercises to make sure everyone feels happy and safe and then there will be mindful cuddles, funny cuddles, shared cuddles and many more kinds of cuddles 🙂

___Costs & Sign-up

€ 20,- (15,- for students)
You can only attend by signing up

Cuddly exercises provided by:
Leonie (Drama Therapist)

____New to the concept of a cuddle workshop?

A cuddle workshop is a platonic & safe space where you are in charge of your experience. It's for everyone who would like to experience warmth and physical contact while having their wishes and boundaries respected. If you have any worries or questions, feel free to send us a facebook message.