Archief Conversation Skills

How many of your daily conversations are satisfying and enriching dialogues? If you would like to transform your conversations into talks that leave you full of excitement this is the place to work towards this! Come get some ideas and practise so you can infuse your life with wondrous connection through dialogue.

In our Conversation Skills gatherings you will..

  •  Learn about different topics within the subject of dialogue
  •  Learn about their uses in everyday life & counseling
  • Practice conversation techniques in awesome exercises
  • Discover things about yourself
  • Get excited about having conversations with others!

So join us! (us being Leonie der Kinderen (Dramatherapist) & Kontessa (Psychologist)) To engage in brain tingling conversations and enhance a skill you can use everywhere! (Everywhere! Except places where you must be quiet.. :( ) And with anyone! (Your grandmother, neighbor and even strangers in the bus!)

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6214AX Maastricht
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