Archief Ağır & Penderecki - Chamber Works

Orkun Ağır - composer and bağlama player, started to compose his "Quintetto con bağlama" for string quartet and bağlama in 2019

After listening Antarja Quartet's interpretation of 3rd String Quartet of K. Penderecki he decided to dedicate his piece to this ensemble. The dream to cooperate came true thanks to TalentHubBrabant.

The first meeting took part in spring AD2019, and it was just IT :)
Both performers - quartet and Orkun admire K. Penderecki's music and their work is strongly influenced by it. The concert will be the result of joint work. During one week we will present chamber works of Orkun Ağır and Krzysztof Penderecki.

K. Penderecki (*1933) - Quartetto per archi no. 3 “Blätter eines nicht geschriebenen Tagebuches”
K. Penderecki - Ciaccona in memoriam Giovanni Paolo II (violine and viola)
O. Ağır (*1990) - Preludio di Quintetto per viola sola (World Premiere)
O. Ağır - Quintetto con bağlama (World Premiere)
O. Ağır - Mesra per violoncello solo