Archief Magisch Maastricht: een Zweedse cellist- Petronella Torin

Cultuurliefhebbers halen deze winter hun hart op in Maastricht. De straten, pleinen, cafés, musea en theaters van Maastricht zijn tijdens Magisch Maastricht gevuld met uiteenlopende (Eu)regionale muzikale en theatrale performances en betoverende exposities. Bezoekers en bewoners van Maastricht worden op magische wijze verrast door verschillende (kinder)koren, singer-songwriters, fanfares, straatmuzikanten en sfeervolle verhalen

Cello and singing Folk, Jazz, Classic. Cello, amplefyer microphone and a mixer. Petronella Torin Is an unusual cellist from Sweden. She is one of the Directors and celloteachers in the music School “Music for you – Maastricht” and is the producer of the musical podcast “Master in Music” She has studied music in Sweden, Denmark, Nederland, Belgium and is now running her own company “Take away concert” witch delivers concerts to people’s homes. 

In this concert she takes us with her to a magical musical winter land with her voice and her companion Mr cello. The sounds of a cello and the voice is a original package and it is a intimin sincere experience. 

Petronella will play music from the mystery winter tales of the North in a musical program that tickles the imagination. Jazz, Classical and Folk music mixed in a shiny Christmas package. Her concert is part of her project “The Christmas gift of the year is a cellist” witch is a unique concert offer where you can order a Christmas concert to your home or party during the Christmas holydays. The ultimate Christmas Gift!