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Museum aan het Vrijthof Maastricht

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Centre Céramique Maastricht

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Bluescafé Duke

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Did you know that worldwide more than 30% of produced food is thrown away? Did you know that on average every Dutch citizen wastes more than 40 kg of food each year? Foodbank Maastricht wants to motivate the local society to tackle this problem. We have a strong belief in the principle of 'learning by doing', therefore we aim at changing people's harts and minds by inviting them to cook & eat meals together in our Foodbank space, where we transform 'food waste' (orphaned vegetables and fruits from local market vendors) into delicious vegan dishes. Everyone is welcome to participate and to enjoy the fruits of our joint undertaking: a free and tasty three-course vegan dinner. We start at 15:00, when we together with the first participants head to the market and pick up all the leftover fruits and vegetables from the vendors' stands. Around 16:00 we usually come back and together decide on the menu, and then for the next four-five hours we involve everyone in cooking. The first meal of the evening is served around 20:30, the main menu is served at 21:30, and around 22:30 we round up the dinner by serving the dessert. Participants are more than welcome to join from start on, however dropping in later (throughout the whole afternoon/evening) is of course also possible. Everyone is highly encouraged to help out with diverse tasks that need to be done throughout the evening (chopping veggies, cooking, cleaning dishes). Our motto is actually that "once you step through the entrance door, you're a Foodbank volunteer", which means that everyone should be involved and everyone should contribute.

Foodbank Maastricht

vr 14 aug 2020 15:00
vr 21 aug 2020 15:00
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