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The process of Inception

We at TEDxMaastricht think that planting a seed is just the beginning.

The quality and impact of an idea is largely formed by the right soil, breeding ground or pressure cooker. If the environment is nourishing and the hand of time is on your side, your idea will be able to evolve into a mature concept.

Because for us, inception also means the beginning of a new (ad)venture and taking action.

We therefore challenge our speakers to not only share their success, but also to inspire our audiences to take action and initiative by showing them the context in which their idea was founded. This brings the hero TEDx speaker closer to the individual trying to take action.




Lisa Hu: Designing solutions for societal issues

Lisa Hu: Designing solutions for societal issues

Lisa Hu graduated in 2014 from Design Academy Eindhoven – department Man and Leisure. She’s been a social designer ever since. Lisa believes in designing solutions for these issues, whilst including the people concerned from start to finish. She thinks the awareness about this already starts with kids at school. Which is why she designed a citizenship game, enabling them to discuss societal issues and explore their own stance.

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