Archief Trench Sessions: Shoshin

Shoshin are British rap-rock-alt band from Manchester UK. In 2016 they raised thousands of euros in an intense 8 week tour playing on the streets of Germany outside big punk/rock/metal/rap/alt concerts after the concerts ended. They slept in tents at truck stops every night and got into trouble with the Polizei every single show for noise pollution and most days they did at least two shows.

Shoshin sold thousands of CDs all over Germany, made thousands of fans and raised a pro budget to do an album with Moses Schneider (beatsteaks/dendemann/tocotronic), the album they recorded is called ‘A Billion Happy Endings’.

The record turned out great and they ended up moving to Berlin permanently after a brief period of homelessness when the Poliziei seized their van/home. Now they live in an abandoned former power station in the heart of an industrial district of north Berlin, proud Brexit refugees and happily free of Polizei problems. They are currently in preparation for more professional noise attacks in support of the upcoming release of ‘a Billion Happy Endings’ in 2017.

Boschstraat 7-9
6211 AS Maastricht
Telefoon 043 - 343 33 37