Archief De Toko: Jef Hecker & Guillaume Colson

Dress up pre-carnaval party at the Muziekgieterij

Since carnaval is closing in, we want to partake in the craziest party Maastricht (and its surroundings) is known for. But only on our terms! So get on your glitter suit for a one-of-a-kind night filled with house, soul, funk and disco. And we’re not kidding: dress up and be part of the disco madness with Jef Hecker and Guillaume Colson (representing 120bpm).

Line up:
Jef Hecker
Guillaume Colson

€5 (no online presale!)

Boschstraat 7-9
6211 AS Maastricht
Telefoon 043 - 343 33 37