Archief The WE Festival v2.018

This year the currents will whirl again, The WE Festival is back with long awaited 2.018 UPDATE bringing even more liveliness, joy and pure awesomeness!

Its this time of the year again, when the spring kicks in, and craving of underground culture gets us all worked up! 

WE would like to proudly welcome you to join us for yet another week (+1) of mindfulness and pleasure!

Why v2.018? Because our 2018 edition is meant to improve the existing WE spirit with an updated v2.0 Twist! 🚀🚀🚀

What are WE all about? 

The WE Festival is a non-profit sustainable organization run by a group of free-minded people, willing to make a change without making ourselves dirty with politics.

As individuals, we are constantly exploring new cultural landscapes, musical talents, magical endeavors, and unexpected enlightenments by connecting communities and learning from them.

WE value these experiences and believe they should be shared on our platform, for WE exists to connect and collaborate, making these charms, voices, and ideas get heard together!

What does WE offer? 

  • 8 days filled with free activities, ranging from workshops, live performances and theater to sickest parties in this god forsaken town
  • Amazing vegan food (this year we also include sustainable organic local meaty options!!!) provided by our in-house Chef Ralpha
  • Biological beers and non-alcoholic beverages for lowest price (1.5EUR is nothing for supporting this amazing initiative)
  • Sick underground sounds coming from the best Maastricht and surroundings can provide ( mostly Drum and Bass, Jungle, Psytrance supported by *tiny* bit of Techno)
  • Over 60 hours of free workshops, knowledge should never be paid for!
  • What are WE going to change? WE v2.0 🌲🌲🌲 

Expect more inclusiveness:

  • Local and organic food sourced from sustainable suppliers from all over Limburg.
  •  Down to the ground music approach, WE will something to tickle every taste (less techno = more awesome).
  • More range of workshops. Expect hackathons and more technology focused workshops, as well as the stuff you all know and love.

WE Connect Maastricht has made it a mission to get as many people involved with our festival as possible, this means that there are several directions which can cater to your specific desires! For instance, WE need:


If you want share an interest, teach a talent, or present a delicious palette of tastes and sensations, sign up as a workshop organizer via our website or drop us an email at!


WE could not exist without the helping hands of so many beautiful people! If you've got free time to spare and want to connect with other friendly helpers than sign up as a WEster via our website, and join our WElunteers group on Facebook to keep updated! 


The WE that everyone loves would not be possible without all the support from both local and international sponsors, if you would like to extend your support to us then feel free to visit our Website for more information about sponsoring the WE Festival or drop an email to!

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With love,
The WE Festival v2.018 Team.