Archief Native Tone with Sandeep (all night long)

On the 26th of May, we'll be going on another trip through our jungle with the one and only Sandeep...

A musical journey is like a trip through our jungle: it should last long enough to take in the full experience. A brief moment in ecstasy is never completely satisfying. After our last edition, we were already craving another musical immersion. An all-night adventure with a different, yet an equally experienced pilot. Luckily a new guide crossed our path quickly. Without being aware of it, Sandeep appeared before us when we needed him the most. Though his recent visit is still a colorful memory that daily puts a smile on our faces, an all-nighter with this beloved artist is a memory we can't wait to add!

Pack your backpacks, sleeping matrasses, campfire start-kit, your jungle knives and some protein bars.

Sandeep - All night long

Pre-sale starts 17.03.18 // 12:00 AM 
Sprouting Phase: €6
Seeding Phase: €7
Vegetative Phase: €8
Flowering Phase: €9
Ripening Phase: €10

◆ INFO ◆
The minimum age is 18+. Besides your ticket, it's absolutely important that you can show a valid ID. We will check for your and our safety on identification. If you don’t have your ID, your access can be denied even with a ticket.

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