Archief Double Trouble - Russian Winter Edition

Russian party

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

❤️💜 Welcome Back to Maastricht and welcome back to the jungle. ❤️💜

As every year, we have planned a wonderful get together for all of us, to give out as many hugs as possible to those you missed and to those you haven't. 🤗☺️🤗

Last year, we saw an amazing and too much fun Russian live band in the far northeast of Germany and decided to invite them over for some pure Russian party/ drinking culture additive. 🎉😻🇷🇺

Yes guys, it is time to put on your most Russian outfits, to fully emerge into the culture and make this experience as authentic as possible 🎎🇷🇺🇷🇺😊

Of course a must have vodka special until supplies are depleted will be provided. 👣👣👣

🔈🔈 Musically, we are planning to blow off the roof of the Russian Winter Hall with some proper:
- Russian traditional live music
- bass tunes,
- Hip Hop and
- House Mixes in the end 

🔈🔈The Russian Bunker will provide us with a mix of 
- Deep house and 
- Techno 
... to dance off those nasty Christmas pounds almost everyone has probably put on. Enough words...

. . . L e t ' s G o P l a y ! ! ! 🔥💜🐒 

More info will be released in the coming days, so keep tuned!

Presale: 7 (Start: 10th of January The LabWith Love BurritoBABS Burritos)

Door: 10

Study hard,
.. party harder 💜💜💜

for questions please contact us on our page or Alexander Eichner 😊

Griend 6-7
6221 AJ Maastricht
Telefoon 043 820 0005