Archief Improv Theater Class

In these improv classes you will.. Explore the edges of your comfort zone Move your body and use it in expression Enjoy the many times you realize ‘getting it right’ does not apply Begin to notice your patterns and default responses Learn to play well with others Think less and be more spontaneous Be in a playful and fun environment with lot’s of laughter Each class will consist of a warm-up, educational exercises around improvisation and practicing the skills you have learned in free improvisation. Classes will be taught by Leonie der Kinderen.

3rd of May – Movement and expression
How do we warm-up towards using out body and our ability to express ourselves in theater?
How can expression, movement and posture support your improvisational play? 

17th of May – Playing together
There is an art to playing well together. How do you interrupt and aid the flow?
Exploring tips and tricks on working together to create a performance that is interesting to both players and audience.

31rd of May – Improvising with a role
We develop characters and draw inspiration from what we have created.
Discovering how a role can aid you to try new forms of play and expand your repertoire of expression in play.