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On thursday evenings Centrum Vaktherapie hosts enthusiastic people giving workshops or lectures that make up the curriculum of our 'Free School'. Just like us, these beautiful people want to share with others what they are passionate about. Centrum Vaktherapie wants to share the benefits of learning from each other, of community, of enriching your knowledge and of developing as a person and therefore invites you to come by! The Free School runs on donations and on the enthusiasm of the beautiful people who get excited by the idea of giving a workshop, performance or lecture. If you'd like to be a teacher for a day send us a message or talk to us after school!

23-02-2017 Creative Flow Yoga - Jeska Onderwater


02-03 -

09-03-2017 Mandala Workshop - Izabella Nagy-Gyorgy

16-03-2017 Free your Voice | Singing circle - Jeska Onderwater

23-03-2017 Reiki Workshop - Henk Meulendijks

30-03-2017 -


06-04-2017 Improvisatie Meditatief zingen, mantra zingen. improvisatie afrikaanse elementen. Improvisatie.
Juliana Tissen.

13-04-2017 Playful Connection - Theodorus Mokkink

20-04-2017 Rock & Roll Dance workshop - Ulysse de Bellefroid

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