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Tenstoonstelling met nieuw werk van beeldend kunstenaar Sander van Deurzen.

New Paintings Sander van Deurzen

Although we spend much of our time suggesting that we agree about the fundaments of our existence, I am convinced that our individual worlds do not coincide that much, making it obvious not to suggest this one world.

By now approx. 7,5 billion worlds are being shaped on our planet and obviously life is about finding out what every individual world is about.

We try hard to become who we are.

On the way we learn from our neighbours, and one could see artists as guides, since they are trained in suggesting a visionary world and showcase it to us, asking for interpretation.

Artist Sander van Deurzen made a career in painting a stage-like world filled with cultural icons. Meanwhile the paint is fighting to take over from the image, and abstraction and the act of painting itself is explored. His stages are multi scaled, and we witness a fight between the real and the artificial, as if to demonstrate what life for many of us is like now.

Pay attention and see how we spend many hours in a digital space, being totally dis-hierarchical, questioning time as linear, scale-free and with its own modus vivendi of the real and the faked. Subsequently the human will/must mutate faster than natural evolution would do!

Come and see whether the New Paintings by Sander van Deurzen offer a glimpse of your future promised land.

Mathieu Bruls architect, 2018 Maastricht

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